Livable Luxury

At McCoy Homes, our clients receive our very best effort every single day. We approach our renovation projects with the same high standards as we do our construction projects and our custom homes. Our goal is to provide each client with “livable luxury”. Our work isn’t easy, but we love what we do and we are committed to doing it well for our customers. McCoy Homes is one of the top luxury home builders in Chattanooga, Tennessee because each one of our team members pours so much of his or her heart and soul into each one of our custom homes.

Cutting Edge Technology

As technology continues to evolve, McCoy Homes stays up-to-date on the best practices and the latest trends. The smart home technologies we’re proud to offer let you control many of your home’s features from wherever you are using your smartphone.

Some of the current systems offer a level of customization never before seen. Imagine: you’re out of town and your aunt unexpectedly needs to stay overnight. Many of the available systems will allow you to remotely unlock the front door when she arrives and adjust the thermostat to her comfort level for the duration of her stay. Sure, you will still need storage in pueblo co, or closer to home, for those excess things, but at the same time you can know everything in your home is secure and safe. When you go on a business trip, know your family is sleeping safely with security cameras and motion detectors that can be easily accessed from any of your devices.

Our technology makes life more convenient and it also helps you save money. Instead of setting your sprinklers on a timer, smart technology lets you sync them with a satellite feed that keeps them from running when there’s adequate rainfall. Heat your hot tub only when you need it and drop your air conditioner a few degrees on your way home instead of paying to cool an empty house all day. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that it’s working efficiently, as it won’t do anybody any good if you come home to a boiling house. To avoid this from happening, you may want to look for a professional HVAC company in your area, like Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, (visit web site here) before leaving town, so you can ensure that your home will be just at the right temperature when you return. You’ll be thankful that you did.

Gourmet Kitchens

Make the kitchen of your dreams a reality with features that are as functional as they are beautiful. We offer high-quality options like warming drawers and walk-in pantries. Choose from high-end countertop materials like granite, marble or quartz.

The gourmet chef knows quality appliances are as important as quality ingredients. We’ll help you choose the options that fit your family’s lifestyle and budget. When you plan kitchen storage, we’ll work with you to make sure what you need stays at your fingertips. Our kitchens have clever storage solutions built into every nook and cranny.

Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Chattanooga – our home town – is one of the most beautiful places on God’s green earth! Many of the communities in which we build have stunning views. And even the views of the houses opposite or alongside your own, offer something that is truly out of this world. Even the exterior fiberglass doors that your neighbour has just had installed is beautiful, and it could even give you more ideas about how to freshen and renovate your own space further. But more often than not, our homeowners choose to buy land based on more than what they hope to enjoy inside their home! They often choose their lot and its location based on the natural beauty of their surroundings. We help plan window placement and outdoor living areas, as well as placement of outdoor storage buildings, and other amenities while using sustainable materials that are as good for the environment as they are for your family.

Modern Farmhouse - Bedroom Modern Farmhouse - Entry Way

Luxury Bathrooms

At the beginning of your day, you go to this room to prepare. At the end, you step in to unwind. It’s where you go to energize before the day begins – and the place where you’ll wash away the stress from the day. Our bathrooms are thoughtfully designed to provide an everyday escape. They boast features like walk-in showers, soaking tubs and – sometimes – radiant heated floors. When you don’t have time to go to the spa, step into your steam shower to recharge and renew.

Let the sunshine in with a skylight, install a fireplace or enjoy both at different times of the day. Stay organized with built-in drawers and walk-in closets that keep everything you need close at hand.

Come home to livable luxury; come home to a McCoy Home. Start planning your dream home with one of our interior design experts when you contact us today.

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