The Farmhouse is Having a Moment

In recent years, home design trends have leaned increasingly toward Old World comfort rather than harsh modernity. Farmhouse-style homes are experiencing a reemergence as part of this movement. Builders are incorporating these elements into new construction, and homebuyers are looking for these designs in their search for home.

Comfort is Trending

Farmhouse Living

Architects and designers report that more clients are seeking a comfortable and functional home. Large fireplaces, deep tubs, and Old World décor are replacing formal dining rooms, austere showers, and delicate furniture. Functionality in home design is becoming a focus again, and every part of a home is being utilized. Farmhouse-style homes fit right in with these ideals. Furthermore, to make the home feel really comfortable it would be the perfect time to install or tune-up any HVAC systems you have in your house, to ensure that you feel warm and cozy in winter or cool and relaxed in summer. You can do this using the service on this website or one closer to your area. Don’t refurb before you’ve repaired!

Farmhouse Living

Simple lines and efficient designs – elements found in farmhouses across the United States – are clear indicators of this style. Home designs usually situate tall, narrow windows across from one another to maximize cross breezes. They offer large porches for entertainment. Many of these homes have wooden siding and some retain old-style metal roofs. The overall appearance is charming, reminiscent of 19th-century simplicity.

Farmhouse-Chic Décor

Farmhouse Living

The farmhouse-style home trend extends beyond the existing housing market and into design and décor trends. Many people are incorporating this look and feel into new homes in fun ways.

  • Exposed Beams: People are seeking large exposed wooden beams. Large windows, which provide plenty of light, openness, and a friendly feel to the space, often complement this look. Eco wood beams from websites like Kedel Ltd are proving to have grown in popularity too. This is because they offer new benefits like being more weather resistant.
  • Old-Style Fixtures: Many people are opting for true farmhouse-style home fixtures, including hand-pump faucets, which add authenticity to the look. Apron-front bathroom sinks are also making a comeback.
  • Mismatched Matches (we did that on purpose!): Part of the country aesthetic is mismatched décor. By radically varying textures and patterns, you can transform a room, giving it farmhouse style. One example is using multiple blankets with different floral patterns, rather than one large quilt, on a bed. Mismatched china and even a bayliss rug are popular instances of this style in action.
  • Rustic Furniture: Wicker and caned chairs, antique side tables, trunk furniture and large wooden kitchen tables are staples in any farmhouse-style home. Many of these items are flea market gems brought back to life to add country flair.
  • Natural Colors: An earthy color palate is part of the farmhouse appeal. Neutral and bright tones are the backdrop, with natural accents. Rustic, weathered wood is a very popular element.
  • Barn Inspiration: Some clever home designers have reinvented the old barn door as a slider perfect for bathrooms or bedrooms. A lovely rustic addition, these are frequently made of repurposed wood or actual barn doors.
  • Open Floor Plan: The signature of any farmhouse-style home is an open floor plan. Bright, friendly areas with central fireplaces are a big part of the comfort trend. Perfect for entertaining, these homes recall a time when people cooked and talked together daily.

Farmhouse Living Custom Built

With the comfort trend on the rise, it is no surprise that farmhouse-style homes are having another moment in the spotlight. McCoy Homes, a premier custom-home builder in Chattanooga, can answer all your questions about farmhouse-style home design. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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