Increase Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home

Increase Curb Appeal With These 5 Tips

Building? Buying? Selling? Or trying to improve your home’s value? You’ll want to Increase Curb Appeal, first. And McCoy Homes is here to help.

Craftsman Style Kitchen

REFRESH: New Year. New Blue.

There’s no quicker way to refresh or reinvigorate an interior space than covering it in a luxurious coat of all-over color! In this article, the first of our three part “New Year, New You, Time to RENEW” series, the McCoy Homes Design Team will dig into the 2020 color of


5 Home design trends with a high fashion punch. In this month’s article, our designers compile their favorite fashion inspired trends and tell us how to (successfully) incorporate them into our interiors. For those who prefer a more modern home, these trends will be ideal for you. We’d all love

Battling the MANCAVE?

Other names for Mancave: Manspace, Manland and, our favorite, The Mantuary. Generally speaking, a Mancave is any basement, attic room, closet – or forgotten hole – in a home which has been set aside exclusively for dude stuff. Some people even use garden sheds to create a little den to

Homemaker Hacks!

For a Livable – Yet Luxurious – Life The Interior DesignTeam at McCoy Homes has compiled a list of Tips and Tricks that are sure to help make the life of a new homeowner a little more luxurious and a little more livable all at the same time. If you

Wall Art Collection

BRING ON THE BEAUTY | A Guide to Collecting Art

ART IS ESSENTIAL London based interior designer, Brian Woulfe, wrote an article for the Independent titled, The Value of Art in the Home. In it, he says, “For me, a home is incomplete without the presence of art… From showcasing your identity to enlivening the spirits of your guests, art

A Modern Farmhouse in Chattanooga Tennessee

Livable Luxury

At McCoy Homes, our clients receive our very best effort every single day. We approach our renovation projects with the same high standards as we do our construction projects and our custom homes. Our goal is to provide each client with “livable luxury”. Our work isn’t easy, but we love

Interior Design Services

Looking for a Reliable Contractor?

Look no further! If you need a reliable general contractor in Chattanooga, it’s important to look for examples of past work, glowing client testimonials, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Too many residential designers cut corners and rely on “sticking with what works” (or.. er, uh… what makes them money!)


That Design Center Tho!

We’ve been shouting it from the rafters since Christmas! So, by now, you’ve definitely heard: McCoy Homes has a new design center in Chattanooga, Tennessee! And we are having so much fun showing it off.   Our state-of-the-art design center and showroom are conveniently located at 112 Jordan Drive. The space

Interior Designer

Design Services and Then Some

McCoy Homes did more than move to a new location, we added staff to help serve you better. The newest additions to the McCoy Homes team have made us positively giddy! While we employ the same friendly office staff and master craftsmen (the same master craftsmen who helped us earn

A Better Home Building Experience

Many of our clients come to us without any experience in designing or building a home, so we take the time to make sure they understand the process and answer any and all questions they have for us. McCoy Homes has earned a reputation for being the best residential contractor