REFRESH: New Year. New Blue.

There’s no quicker way to refresh or reinvigorate an interior space than covering it in a luxurious coat of all-over color! In this article, the first of our three part “New Year, New You, Time to RENEW” series, the McCoy Homes Design Team will dig into the 2020 color of the year and provide some suggestions for using it to add a little New Year zing to your home. Happy reading!

The color forecasters have spoken: Blue will be EVERYWHERE in 2020.

Blue – the color of the sky and the sea – is the color most often associated with depth, stability and safety. It inspires feelings of trust and loyalty. It has the power to induce a state of calm tranquility. 

Pantone unveiled its 2020 color of the year: Classic Blue

From this interesting article on the meaning of color: “Blue eye-shaped amulets, believed to protect against the evil eye, are common sights in [the Middle East]. In Eastern cultures, blue [is thought to] symbolize immortality, while in Ukraine it denotes good health. In Hinduism blue is strongly associated with Krishna, who embodies love and divine joy.”

Blue Hues: Cool Blue? Warm Blue?

You: Wait. Isn’t blue a cool color? 

Us: Indeed it is. 

You: But how can a cool color ever be warm?

Us: Well… True blue is a cool color. But a warm blue might have a little more yellow or a little more red in it. 

You: Yeah, but adding yellow makes green – which is cool – and adding red makes purple – which is also cool. How do you get warm blue?

Us: Yes, green and purple are still considered cool colors. However, relative to a true blue, they are slightly warmer. Make sense? 

Blue Color Studies from the talented Jane Blundell.

Designer Blues

Finding the perfect paint color is not a task for the faint of heart. In fact, there are whole fields – professionals who’ve devoted their entire lives to the study of color and its precise effect on the human mind and body. While we haven’t devoted our LIVES to the study of color, we like to think that we know a thing or two about it. So, we asked the McCoy Homes Design Team to curate a list of four perfect blues. Just for you! We hope you enjoy…

Drawing Room Blue – Farrow + Ball

This color is just so rich. It makes a great – more exciting – alternative to charcoal. It would go well in a formal study, as an accent in a living room or even as the island color in a kitchen. 

Granite Peaks – Sherwin Williams

A moody, blue-gray, Granite Peaks is an incredibly versatile color. It can work as a primary or an accent. With so much gray in its base, it can support the addition of warm colors and cool colors. 

Iron Blue – Ralph Lauren

If you’re nervous about using blue on your walls because you fear it will give your space a cold cast, try Ralph Lauren’s Iron Blue. It is so deep and so sultry, but it has so much yellow in its base that it almost gives off warmth. It pairs well with rich woods (walnut and mahogany) and crisp white trim. 

Blue Veil – Benjamin Moore

This barely-there blue is the perfect color for a spa-like master bath or an elegant window seat insert in a deep blue reading room. Like a bridal veil, it whispers subtle grace and elegance. 

What to do with a blue hue? 

Fortunately, blue is a pretty easy color to work with. Once you identify your blue as a cool-blue or a warm-blue, you simply have to decide: do I want my space to have a soothing, harmonious vibe? Or do I want to inject some energy? If your answer is “soothing”: accent with colors of a similar temperature (cool blues with other cool colors). If your answer is “energy injection”: then you should choose contrasting colors or colors with the opposite temperature (a true blue with accents or orange or yellow can be very exciting).

Blue on Blue! We love this elegant blue room by Patrick Printy via Elle Decor
Bold, high contrast – although still elegant – blue room by Mark Cunningham via AD.

Feeling a Little Noncommittal?

Not quite ready to commit to a whole room of blue? Check out some of these fun decor items. They’ll help you add a little blue without overwhelming your space. 

This concludes our New Year, New Blue article! We hope you’ve found it helpful! Whether you’re ready to build a new, custom home right now, or have just begun to kick the tires, give us a call today? We’d love to get involved – no matter what stage you’re in. 

A Blue Preview, from McCoy Homes:

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