A Luxury Home Builder

At McCoy Homes we build luxury homes that our customers – and their families – can actually live in.

Few Chattanooga general contractors can claim to offer the services of a full-fledged interior design center, but McCoy Homes can. Our lead interior designer, Jillian Hendricks, is an expert on the best finishing touches, materials, and latest trends. She and her interior design team will leverage our resources and their expertise to provide clients with a top-notch, modern, and fully customized interior design. Your home is more than just a living space – it’s a reflection of you, and our design team is committed to helping you make a statement that reflects your tastes and personality.

The Best Home Building Materials

McCoy Homes has the best interior design center in Chattanooga, and we ensure every client has complete access to a vast range of details to make their next project something truly stunning and beautiful. Our showroom contains hundreds of samples of finishes, materials, color palettes, and other items to help you select the best finishing touches for your project. We believe in quality and function as well as trendiness and beauty, so you can rest assured that the materials we use for your project won’t just look amazing – they will also offer reliable performance.

Designing the Most into Your Space

Every homeowner and family has different priorities, interests, and needs, and having a home suited to those preferences is important. The design process entails much more than simply picking color swatches and shopping for furniture if you want to create a truly customized space. Whether you want to optimize an existing space or create something completely new and unique, our space planners and our interior design experts will work with you every step of the way to guarantee that your project is designed to your specifications. At McCoy Homes, that is our goal for every project!

Luxury Built for Utility

McCoy Homes is one of the premiere luxury homebuilders in Chattanooga, and we know that quality is much more than surface appearances. Your luxury home should be as functional as it is beautiful, and we have a host of finishing touches to make certain of just that. Our team of award winning interior designers sources the best, most reliable materials, keeps up to date with the most recent homebuilding and design trends, and use the most cutting-edge appliances and gadgets to ensure your home affords you all of the gorgeous – and useful – details your family needs.

McCoy Homes goes the extra mile to make certain that the glamour and luxury you expect are more than skin deep. If you’d like to make a McCoy Home your home, call us today!

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