Increase Curb Appeal With These 5 Tips

Whether you are building, buying, selling or just trying to improve the value of your home, you’ll want to Increase Curb Appeal first.

Building? Buying? Selling? Maybe you’re just trying to enhance your home’s visual appeal? Or you’ve been mulling over the idea of building an ADU on your property? It can be challenging to determine the best ways to increase curb appeal that won’t break the bank. At McCoy Homes, we have a few suggestions for simple yet effective methods for boosting curb appeal and increasing your home’s overall value.

While spring cleaning typically refers to cleaning and organizing the inside of your home, you can also put some effort into the exterior of your home and around your property to make it more inviting. Try these simple suggestions from the McCoy Homes Team and see what results you can manage!


When was the last time you power-washed your siding, cleaned your shutters, and tidied up your masonry? Cleaning the outside of your home is easy with the right tools. Start from the top down, so you don’t have to clean anything twice and be sure to use appropriate safety equipment if you need to clean high surfaces. It’s a good idea to begin with your masonry or siding before cleaning your windows. You don’t want to clean your windows only for the water and dirt washing off the rest of your house to dirty them again.

Clear Advantage has published an article titled Pressure Washing 101. It is full of valuable information.


Plant some new flowers. The flowers and foliage around your home have a significant impact on curb appeal. Research the flowers that grow the best in your area and time your plantings accordingly so you can enjoy bursts of color this spring. If you time your plantings correctly throughout the year, you can have incredible colors from the early spring through the late fall.

Brick and Batten published an article titled 9 Front Yard Landscape Ideas for Max Curb Appeal. We agree with their take on the importance of walkway plantings.


Repair or refinish the masonry around your home – and don’t forget your driveway. Do you have an older driveway with chips, cracks, and oil stains? Why not take the time to have it repaired or wholly refinished this spring? Over recent years, the idea of decorative concrete has increased in popularity. Many people consider this option when they want to update their driveway, patio, and any other pathways that they have around their home. Alongside professional companies in your area, somewhere like this Milwaukee Decorative Concrete service has come highly recommended to homeowners who wish to use this type of material to spice up their home’s exterior. As well as repairing or refurbishing it altogether, regular driveway maintenance can also help to ensure that your driveway is both visually neat and physically safer. Filling in gaps or cracks in the concrete or asphalt will reduce the chances of trips and falls and will save wear and tear on your vehicle’s tires.


Tidy your landscaping. Look at your grass lines, trees, shrubs, and other vegetation on your property. You could find lots of opportunities to make your home more visually appealing by tightening the borders of grassy areas and garden patches. Brick or stone borders, new mulch, or adding a few new trees to your landscape could have dramatic results.


Choose new outdoor lighting. You can make your outdoor gathering spaces more inviting with some well-placed lights. Changing up your outdoor lighting not only increases visual appeal in low light but can make your home safer by discouraging break-ins.

It’s important to take good care of the outside of your home, and it can be easy to become desensitized to the exterior appearance of your house after seeing it every day. Take time this spring to walk around your home’s exterior and check for structural issues while you identify the spots that require the most attention when it comes to cleaning.

As you begin your exterior spring cleaning and reorganizing, check out McCoy Homes’ Gallery! We think you’ll find inspirational photos there. You could also send us an email to let us know what concerns you have about your home’s exterior. Our team would be happy to provide helpful tips and advice.

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