5 Home design trends with a high fashion punch.

In this month’s article, our designers compile their favorite fashion inspired trends and tell us how to (successfully) incorporate them into our interiors. For those who prefer a more modern home, these trends will be ideal for you. We’d all love our homes to look contemporary and high-end, but some of us don’t know how to achieve this. Thankfully, there are multiple ways that homeowners can achieve this sort of look in their homes these days. A lot of homeowners have been making use of the services offered by companies like Collov (there’s more info here). By using these services, homeowners can easily incorporate new interior trends into their home design by getting interior designers to help them source furniture and determine how to utilize the space best. By doing this, homeowners could achieve a similar style to some of these high fashion trends.

1 | Velvet here, Velvet there, Velvet Everywhere

In the 2018 Fall and Winter fashion shows, we began to see velvets sneaking back into apparel – as embellishments and accessories. By spring of 2019, the runways were full of lightweight, flocked frocks and high wasted burn-outs. The rich textural quality of these velvets was often complimented by a deep hue: midnight ink, aubergine, emerald, or sunflower.

Though velvets have long been a staple for upholstered pieces and formal draperies, the home decor industry seems to have exponentially increased the number of uses for the material in recent months: velveteen carpets, velvet draped tables, velvet framed photos, velvet wrapped mirrors, velvet-clad candlesticks… the list goes on. Some of these new uses seem silly, but no one can deny that the material has had a glamorizing effect on the spaces in which it has been used.

2 | Blousy Structure

This year we have seen the strong, tightly tailored forms of men’s suiting juxtaposed with flouncy collar bows, bell sleeves, and peplum hems to create a soft-over-stern aesthetic. The same elements can be applied to the interior of a home – to an equally satisfying effect. Tailored upholstery and pleated draperies can be paired with organically shaped sherpa throws and gauzy sheers; tufted ottomans can be embellished with round, beaded throw pillows; and structural chandeliers can be made to “drip” their chains and gems.

3 | Brass and Black is Back

The 80s are back! And, so is brass and black! Actually, the 80s have been back for a while – so I guess that sentence should have read: The 80s are still back! But, I digress…Brass and black with loud – but achromatic – accents is certainly a trend we’ve seen a lot of in 2019.

4 | Tone on Tone Textures for the Home

The white-on-white interior will probably always be “a thing”. However, as everyone seems to be realized, reducing the number of hues in a space, can leave that space feeling a bit sterile. To balance the desire for that pleasing tone-on-tone look with the need for more interesting interiors, designers have begun taking their texture game to the next level. For example one might use a high sheen silk carpet under a natural hide – both in charcoal grey or black – to create textural depth without the “noisiness” of a multicolored pallet. Another example might be grey grasscloth on a wall behind a black and white photo matted in black velvet and rimmed with a thin brass frame. This organization of textures leaves the space looking interesting but uncomplicated.

5 | Hollywood Regency Glam Slam

The Hollywood Regency style is having a moment. And we couldn’t be happier! In fashion, the fall collections of Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera and Alessandro Michelle (Creative Director at Gucci), and many more, boast rich hues, sumptuous fabrics, gracious cuts, and an etherial femininity. Similarly, the style has spilled over into the world of interiors. Designers are dusting off Florence Broadhurst’s delicate and unique patterns, Dorothy Draper’s “reinvented naturals” and the bold color pallets of Carelton Varney (Mr. Color, himself!) and putting them all to good use! Gilded age influences – supreme luxury and unbridled glamor – can be seen in the work of a variety of contemporary designers, from Kelly Wearstler to Jonathan Adler to Eddie Ross. Old school Hollywood glamour was all about mixing the luxurious designs with the functionality of their home. Simple things like ceiling fans, which could be fitted by companies like Home Team Electric (click here) add both of these elements to the property, the obvious function of keeping you cool, and a more aesthetic appearance than a cooling system. It is a piece you can visually see, and depending on which fan you invest in, it can add a lot of depth and luxury to your home.

Fortunately for us, incorporating this style is often as easy as dusting on a little glitter! The trick to pulling off a Hollywood Regency inspired interior is knowing that “more really is more”. Whether you’re setting a table, staging a sofa or dressing a mantle, when you think your vignette is complete – add two more elements.

While it’s always fun to read about the ever changing trends in both fashion and home decor, at McCoy Homes, we take a more conservative approach to design and construction. We strive for timelessness. We want our clients to think of their home as a blank slate on which they can try out any number of trends du jour – be they fashion inspired or not. And, because we want that slate to stand the test of time, we use classic principals, carefully selected materials and best-in-class tradesmen to ensure that our homes will look as good in ten years as they do today.

If you’d like to learn more about McCoy Homes, our team, our process or our promise, give us a call today!

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