Emerging Trends In Residential Construction

Residential Construction Trends

In doing our research to remain a leading resource of residential construction inclinations, we’ve found that function AND fashion are high priorities for today’s home builders. People are embracing “throwback” interior design choices like golds, animal prints, bold wallpapers and mid-century modern furnishing. But what are the leading directions for plans and construction?

Home buyers, looking to build, are staying on trend with the “green” movement. It remains important to keep the building process’ environmental impact in mind. If a home loan is needed to achieve this, homebuyers can go online to reali.com to see how this can be done. Those customers interested in residential construction are looking at more sustainable products that promote weather resistance, and are made from composite materials. Using these types of materials better protects homes from water, wind and other seasonal damage, and makes the entire structure more durable. These investments mean less repair in the future and a greater long term value.

Inside the home, trends are embracing more interactive quality time for family and friends. Spaces for large televisions are declining and we’re noticing the comeback of built-in bookshelves, game rooms, and tons of creative storage space.overlook

Kitchens are becoming more minimal, with open concepts and cleared counter-space. Home owner’s designs are tossing the overhead microwaves, and more cabinet layouts are displaying items like appliance drawers. These choices create a flow perfect for entertaining, with larger food prep areas and eat-in counter seating. With custom home builders like randy jeffcoat builders, you can have your ideal kitchen space with your specifications in mind.

Previously, we noted a majority of home improvements are done in the home’s bathroom. When designing a new build, it’s also a favorite to initially plan! And please, don’t forget, when planning who you’re going to contract for the building/design, make sure they have insurance! (check out contractors all risk insurance
). The spa tubs are out, and large walk-in showers are in. Multiple spraying nozzles, rain shower heads, and even heated tiles are creating an oasis to start or end your day.

Laundry rooms are becoming larger, and multifunctional. The larger layout provides an opportunity to create pocket offices, a common place to display a family calendar or organize bills. Many of these rooms also house a dedicated charging station, and USB outlets. Homes, in general are becoming smarter! This one room could become the information hub of the house, without creating chaos in other common living areas.

Residential Construction Trends

The biggest trend we’re seeing is that more construction is being dedicated to outdoor living. Kitchens, fireplaces, and showers are all being brought to the backyard. These expanded living areas are easily designed to be enclosed, simply roofed, or completely unsheltered. Materials such as woods, metals, glass and stone can all be combined and utilized, making these spaces versatile and exceptionally creative.

In the end, we’re learning that creative storage, multifunctional spaces, and open concepts are paramount. These emerging construction trends are creating homes that are personalized, adaptable, and a true extension of the people living inside.

Residential Construction Trends

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