Designer Profile: Ashley Stinson

McCoy Homes does not just throw together materials and finishes from stock sets of plans. We boast a full-service, boutique-style interior design studio. Our showroom is brimming with the latest samples, materials, finishes, fixtures, countertop materials, cabinet doors and stain colors, hardware, and much more. Though we love to talk about our showroom, we really love to talk about the girls who help us make it what it is. Ashley Stinson, head of our award winning interior design department, is one of Chattanooga’s very best interior designers. And we are so happy that she is a part of the McCoy Homes team.  Meet Ashley…


EDUCATION AND BACKGROUND:  Ashley completed her undergraduate education at Auburn University, securing a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture. She has plied her education, keen eye for detail, and industry knowledge to create incredible interior spaces since 2004. Everyone at McCoy Homes is delighted to have her leading the design team. Ashley is a wife and mother of three and is constantly on-the-go, but she thoroughly enjoys her interior design projects and the myriad challenges that keep her on her toes. 


PERSONAL STYLE:  Ashley’s personal style: “clean traditional with a bit of Southern flair.” She also enjoys making statements with retro lighting and bold accents.  Whites paired with dark, rich hues such as navy blue or emerald green top her current list of favorite trends.  Adding a “twist” to the standard is one of the many things that drew her to interior design as a profession. Though Ashley has a style all her own, she says that the best thing about her job is…

 “…getting to learn the likes, dislikes and personal style choices of my clients. They are all  so different! I learn something new on every project. And, though we may use similar colors or materials or finishes from time to time – literally every project comes out looking different from the next.  I think that’s what I like most: the variety you get when you add the human element!”

When she’s not working directly with clients or managing her kids’ extracurricular activities, you can bet she’s browsing the latest from cabinet designers, flooring companies, tile manufacturers, and paint companies in store and on social media for inspiration.

WORKING WITH CLIENTS:  Her work begins as soon as the client signs the contract. Ashley’s initial meeting with a client will entail the discussion of their general ideas for the project, starting from the outside of the home and working inward. Once the exterior areas have been designed, Ashley works with clients closely on every interior selection, and this extends far beyond simple aesthetics.


Ashley is forward-thinking, and committed to encouraging sustainability in her work. When she works with clients, she doesn’t just want to help them create a space that’s pretty to look at – she wants them to truly feel connected to their home. As such, she provides them with the tools to make livable but definitive statements in their design choices. Her education, years of experience, and keen eye for detail help further the mission of McCoy Homes: to provide each one of its clients with “livable luxury” and a worry free home building experience.  We are so happy to have added her to our team and we look forward to watching her grow!

If you’re interested in building livable luxury, call us today!  We would be honored to begin helping you plan your dream home.

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