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McCoy Homes did more than move to a new location, we added staff to help serve you better. The newest additions to the McCoy Homes team have made us positively giddy! While we employ the same friendly office staff and master craftsmen (the same master craftsmen who helped us earn our reputation for excellence), we’ve recently welcomed Jillian Hendricks to our team. This Chattanooga resident has an impressive portfolio of custom homes with stunning interiors and exteriors. We are so very excited that she has taken on the role of  Lead Interior Designer, and are enjoying watching her make the most of the opportunity.

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Professionalism in Interior Design

The minute our clients meet Jillian, they realize that they’re in exceptionally competent hands. Jillian came to us with a strong educational resume and an impressive five years of experience in lighting and interior designer.

Our interior design team knows your time is valuable, and pride themselves on their own punctuality. They are careful to follow up – as they know just how quickly details can be lost. They meticulously prepare for every meeting so as to maximize the time that they have with each client.

Interior Designer's Luxury Kitchen  Chattanooga's Luxury Home Builder

Neither Jillian nor her team are commissioned to sell architectural finishes. They earn a fair wage for services provided. So our clients are NEVER in a position to ask, “Are they making this recommendation because it nets them more money? Or are they making this recommendation because it’s the best recommendation for me and my family?” Our team will ALWAYS make recommendations based on our clients’ needs and goals – not their own bottom line. 

The Elements of Design

While each client has a unique vision, there are some elements of interior design that can – and should be – applied universally. Our interior design team is made up of educated, tested and licensed professionals. They do more than decorate. They have, over the years, developed a comprehensive understanding of good design; they know how to create a space that works hard and looks good.  They’ve been trained to combine form and function – style and use – to design and build truly exceptional spaces.


Designing with Enthusiasm + Experience

Jillian and each member of the McCoy Homes Interior Design team seem to truly enjoy their work. They jump, head long, with excitement and enthusiasm into each new project. They get to know the clients and the client’s family intimately; often turning professional contacts into close personal friends.

I love what I do. I work with a team of talented professionals who get to solve every day problems. We create solutions that actually make a difference in the lives of everyday people. We have a responsibility and we take it pretty seriously. 

To look back at your day and realize that you’ve helped create the space in which a family will grow, made daily chores less time-consuming and burdensome, given a child a place to call their very own, or created a quiet space for a teenager to study and prepare for their next big step… well, it makes me really proud to do what I do.

While her enthusiasm is truly invaluable, Jillian brings interior design experience and in-depth product knowledge to the McCoy Homes team. She understands how to translate a clients vision into a functional work of art – and that is a gift honed over years under accomplished mentors.

WisteriaWisteriaA Designer’s Portfolio

Any good design firm will have a portfolio of previous work about which it will brag and a list of satisfied clients who happily sing their praises. McCoy Homes is no different. If you’ll take a moment to check out our gallery, you’ll see that our interior design team has a proven track record of success. If you have time, check out our Testimonials, you’ll see that our clients bless us with such acknowledgements as, “we could not have been more pleased,” and “everyone who visits our new home is amazed!.”

Whether your style is bold or playful, traditional or contemporary, our design team can help you create it.

Chattanooga's Best General Contractor 4  Chattanooga's Best General Contractor 1

If you’d like to meet Jillian and the team or take a formal tour of our new place, drop us a line or give us a call! We’d be happy to show you around.  Or, if you really only want to take a look around, feel free to just stop by. Our new address is 112 Jordan Drive, Chattanooga, Tennessee. We look forward to seeing you!

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