That Design Center Tho!

We’ve been shouting it from the rafters since Christmas! So, by now, you’ve definitely heard: McCoy Homes has a new design center in Chattanooga, Tennessee! And we are having so much fun showing it off.


Our state-of-the-art design center and showroom are conveniently located at 112 Jordan Drive. The space boasts a broad sampling of some of the most relevant colors, finishes and materials – for both interior and exterior – available on the market today. Whether you’re starting to think about what you want or you have a clearly defined vision in mind, the interior design team at McCoy Homes can help you narrow your focus and turn your dream home into a reality.

Our mission is to take the trouble out of home building. As such, we put time and money into our showroom in hopes that it would inspire our clients and help them through some of the many important decisions that they will have to make.

Building Materials: Imagine, Experience, Install

Before they walk through our door, most of our clients have spent many an hour (or day or week or month…) dreaming, thinking, planning, pinning and cataloging. Some have identified a floor plan, most have a few samples that they love, and almost all have Pinterest boards full of images and design ideas. They usually know what they like and what they don’t like. But the McCoy Homes interior design team – lead by the talented Jillian Hendricks – helps them pull everything together.



When buying a new car, most folks want to do more than look at photos and read reviews. They want to feel the comfort of the seat, smell the upholstery and experience the acceleration and handling. Sometimes what you thought you wanted when you went to the dealership isn’t what ends up being the best fit. The same is true for interior design! Our clients are often surprised – but, fortunately for them – the interior designers at McCoy Homes get to them BEFORE construction begins.

Our new showroom and design center is three times larger than our old showroom. We invested in this space because we know that it is nearly impossible to choose finishes and materials from a computer screen or a catalog. Our clients want to see, touch and feel each element of their home. And, in our new space, they have many an opportunity to do just that. They can evaluate materials and finishes in real life – which makes planning for them much easier.

Building Advice – From Real Experts

There are a lot of decisions to make when designing and building a new home. The internet is a great resource for comparing features and reading reviews, but our homeowners find that they can quickly waste whole days researching minute details. When you visit our showroom, you can physically compare similar products. And, you’ll have the benefit of our interior designers’ expert opinions. They walk our clients through the benefits and potential drawbacks for each – helping each client to find the right materials and finishes for each space in their home. Put McCoy Homes impressive knowledge base to work for you! Our clients rest easy knowing that our decades of experience guide the decisions that we help them make – we hone our craft and maintain our expertise so that they don’t have to.


Building Communication – From Beginning to End

Some of our homeowners know exactly what they want. Others have an idea but struggle to articulate their goals. Every member of the McCoy Homes Interior Design team understands the importance of quality communication. We work to understand our clients’ family, their activity level, their schedules, the way each member of the family will use each space. We work to interpret the homeowner’s grand vision – or overall design intent for their home.

Our interior designers think three-dimensionally. They ask questions that help build them a clear picture of the clients vision. Then they communicate that vision back to the client – making sure that everyone is on the same page. Our new showroom has proven an effective tool in helping communicate design – scale, spacial relationships and traffic patterns – back to our clients.


It has been a lot of fun to see our homebuilders react to our new space. If you’ve ever seen a child’s face when they walk into a particularly well-equipped toy store, then you know the look that we get to see on our clients. If you’d like a formal tour, drop us a line or give us a call! We’d love to schedule something. Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to stop by and take a look around on your own.

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