A Custom Craftsman: It’s in the Details

One of the unbeatable perks of a custom home is the chance to create something that reflects your tastes. For many buyers, that means rediscovering the beauty of Craftsman-style homes. These properties have emphasized unique details and natural materials in recent years-in fact, even the stars love the Craftsman style! According to the director of the architectural division of a Los Angeles real estate agency, Brad Pitt and Sheryl Crow have owned Craftsman homes. Yep, these big shots are big fans of the aesthetic.

But unlike the low ceilings and dark colors of early 20th-century Craftsman style, the contemporary custom Craftsman blends unique details with modern sensibilities to create a timeless character.

Craftsman House Features

Craftsman House Features

History of the Craftsman

The Craftsman style originated around 1905, as American architectural expanded on the Arts and Crafts movement that began in England. During a period of rapid industrialization, that movement celebrated original, handmade, decorative elements instead of factory-made duplicates. Carpenters, architects, and patrons with an eye for good design built the original Craftsman homes between 1905 and the 1920s. These beauties featured exposed beams, natural materials (such as stone and wood), and dark colors.

Ted Bosley, director of the National Historic Landmark Craftsman Gamble House in Pasadena, CA, explains how the Craftsman style declined in popularity in the 1920s but became fashionable again in the 1980s. Contemporary Craftsman homes are increasingly in demand for their stunning custom details, high-quality materials, and unique craftsmanship. And whether you’re looking for a custom home here in Chattanooga or out of state with a similar service like bannercustomhomes.net in Tulsa, a truly unique home is an attractive thought for many people.

Contemporary Craftsman

Custom Craftsman homes today still connect with that spirit of modern materials, vibrant colors, and impressive layouts. Contemporary custom Craftsman homes feature clean lines, built-in storage, and plenty of natural light. Original Craftsman homes sometimes had low ceilings and darker rooms, but to meet your modern sensibilities, the contemporary Craftsman is typically brighter and more open. You should talk to the best custom home builder north carolina has to offer for some more ideas of how you would like your own custom home to look.
Craftsman House Features

Regardless, a custom home allows you to design your own layout; contemporary Craftsman homes can have an open flow or a combination of open and private space. It’s whatever you prefer.

Modern Craftsman Details

There are many custom Craftsman options. The most popular are:

  • Mixed materials. The contemporary Craftsman often uses a mix of finishing materials. Stone, wood, and brick can give you a unique, eye-opening organic appearance.
  • Molding details. Craftsman molding is often shaped with interesting details to create subtle visual interest.
  • Column details. Tapered columns are one of the best parts of a Craftsman home, seamlessly combining the style’s sensibility and a modern layout.
  • Indoor/outdoor space. Craftsman homes often have porches or terraces. These give you a personal connection to the inside and outside of your lovely property.
  • Exposed rafter tails and beams. Crave even more of that Craftsman style? Expose those architectural elements. Beams and rafters can be included on the interior or the exterior of the home.

Craftsman House Features

Some prospective homeowners are surprised at how detailed the design process is, but your builder will explain options and help you make a decision. McCoy Homes is a premier custom-home builder in Chattanooga, and we can answer all of your custom home design questions. Get in touch today to go over your options.




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