The Craftsman Style Home Design Ideas and Photographs

Design trends are like any other trend: they come and they go. Some, however, make the transition to a time-tested style that people turn to again and again.

When it comes to custom home design, the contemporary Craftsman-style home takes the best elements from the past and merges them with those of the present. The result? A timeless look and feel. Whatever your home’s size and layout, there are many ways to fuse Craftsman design elements with a contemporary custom property. Highlighting high-quality materials and workmanship, this style is definitely not going anywhere.

Exterior Materials and Elements

Craftsman Homes

Contemporary Craftsman homes like to mix exterior materials to create unique appearances. For example, builders can combine clapboard or shingled siding with wood, stone, concrete block, brick, or stucco to make every house an individual creation. If you like the idea of improving the exterior of your home but are worried about breaking the bank, then it may be in your best interests to have a look at the cost of window and siding remodels before making any further decisions. You may even want to keep some of your assets from the previous property you were in, for example, the storage shed in the backyard. It’s easily movable too as there are many companies offering shed delivery to several locations, this way you won’t have to splash at any more cash than needs be. But for the design of the house itself, this isn’t something that is always as easily movable. The style accentuates these custom details, so Craftsman exteriors often include decorative details. Don’t be surprised if your stone-covered chimney, foundation walls, or stained glass door panels make your neighbors a little jealous – although if they really wanted to pull off the same effect, they could just use a colored window tint film to imitate stained glass. However, if you aren’t too sure about the eccentric design of the home, there are things the can be done to fix it. For example, a lot of home buyers are changing the material of their roof these days. Roofs are often one of the first things you see when looking at the exterior of the home, so it is important that the roof is how the homeowner wants it. To speak about some of the other roofing materials available, it might be worth getting in touch with these roofers kansas city if you live in that area. That should give you some ideas of how you can change the roof materials, making the house feel more like home. The exterior is often just as important as the interior.

Interior Features

Craftsman Homes

Traditionally, Craftsman homes favor darker colors, including the liberal use of dark wood. While wood and other natural materials are still a hallmark of contemporary Craftsman interiors, higher ceilings and plentiful natural now highlight these wooden design elements. New custom homes designs also tend to feature lighter wood finishes. Hardwood floors are still a popular design choice too. Along with wood, preferred interior materials include glass, tile, stone, and brick.

Built-in Storage and Seating

Craftsman Homes

With the style’s high-quality materials and workmanship, built-in storage and seating are functional and attractive. There are many ways you can incorporate storage, from traditional bookshelves flanking a fireplace or central mantel to pantries that provide extra storage and workspace. Built-in seating can take the form of dining nooks with beautiful wood benches, window seats, and foyer or mudroom benches.

Exposed Architectural Elements

Craftsman Homes

One of the most enduring features of Craftsman style is the tendency to leave architectural supports exposed. Ted Bosley, director of the nationally recognized historic Craftsman-style Gamble House, calls this “articulation of structure.” Inside the home, exposed wood beams and joists become decorative elements as well as functional architecture. On the home’s exterior, rafter tails are often exposed under the eaves and can be extended with a variety of decorative flourishes.

Decorative Details

Craftsman-style homes are all about the details. Tapered columns are one of the more common decorative elements. You can incorporate columns inside the home as archway supports or built-in elements. Outdoors, Craftsman-style porches often have tapered columns supported by stone or brick pedestals.

Decorative elements are a wonderful way to incorporate the look into any custom home design. Other popular decorative (and handmade) details include leaded glass, decorative molding, and stenciling. Attention to the appearance of even the smallest components of a home helps create warmth and originality in every room.

McCoy Homes is an expert custom-home builder in Chattanooga, and we can help you pick the right Craftsman-style design elements for your one of a kind home. Contact us to start designing your timeless dream home today.

Craftsman Homes

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