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McCoy Homes designs and builds thoughtful, convenient spaces for active families throughout the Chattanooga area.

When designing interior spaces and building luxury homes, the team at McCoy Homes sticks to the idea that function and fashion go hand-in-hand. Our team provides a highly focused attention to the details – throughout all of the spaces in all of our projects – but, especially when we are planning kitchens and bathrooms.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. And the bathroom is a place of renewal, cleansing and refreshment. Our interior design team goes into the planning and the design of such spaces with great care. Sure, everyone wants to make a statement in these spaces. And that’s ok. But it is imperative that they work hard, too! The interior designers at McCoy Homes will work with you to create a beautiful, luxurious kitchen and bathroom that offers both – bragging rights AND superior function.

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Our interior designers won’t build your appliances, but they will help you select the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible options available! Going green is more than just a hip trend – it’s a way to save money and protect our environment, and McCoy Homes is committed to sustainability. The appliances and other utility fixtures that we offer are sure to provide consistent savings on energy costs for years to come – and, of course, we will make sure that they are good looking and that they coordinate with the finishes throughout the rest of your home.

Kitchen Design | Chattanooga


You’ve probably heard of “smart” technology, but you may not have seen how some new devices offer an unprecedented level of control and comfort in modern homes. From our interior design teams to our teams of builders and craftsmen,the folks at McCoy Homes stay abreast of all of the latest trends in home-tech. We can work with you integrate any number of time-saving, comfort-boosting technological features into your project. Using the latest devices and technology, we can guide your choices for climate and multimedia control, home security, remote control via smartphone and tablet apps, and much more. Incorporating the latest home security system will help to reduce the chances of a break-in, but with that being said, you can always get in touch with locksmiths, like those found at if you wanted greater peace of mind in this area.

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No matter who you are, how much “stuff” you do or do not have… storage space matters. Some people are able to invest in things like storage buildings to help them organize some of their things, if you don’t have the space however, you are still in a rut. So what else can we do? It is easy for a home builder to get so caught up in the nuts and bolts of a project that they neglect the finer details. At McCoy Homes, the interior design process centers around such details.

You need more than a room, a table and some chairs to host a dinner party. Our team will guide the design process so that our clients can have a great space to gather and entertain, but so that they also have tucked in storage for the seldom used serving platters, the fancy flatware, the napkins and all of the other things that make an event special. – Jillian Hendricks, Interior Designer

Chattanooga | Kitchen Storage Design

We believe that our clients deserve luxury AND convenience. To that end, we work to provide them “Livable Luxury”.We have Chattanooga’s best kitchen and bath designers on our interior design team. We are so proud of them. And we are confident that you will be proud of the spaces that they create for you.

If you would like to make a McCoy Home your home, call us today. We’d be honored to work with you.

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