How to Choose the Right Lot

How to Choose the Right Lot to Build Your New Home

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Building a new home is a big investment. In most cases, those who choose to custom build a new home plan to stay there for quite a while. After all, the home was designed to fit their specific needs and desires. While the floor plan and design of your custom home will be key to your overall happiness as a homeowner, choosing the right lot may have just as big of an impact on your satisfaction with your investment. There are homeowners who choose to build their own homes for their families, however, there are equally as many who choose to invest in a property to rent to others. If this is an investment you have been thinking about, you may want to visit a real estate company similar to Roofstock and begin your journey in property investment.

As your choice home builder in Chattanooga, TN, McCoy Homes works with every client to find the ideal lot on which to build their home. You may have dreamt about building your own house for a long time, but unfortunately it might not be the right time for you and your family yet. If this is the case, then why don’t you find a house through and make that a house a home until your circumstances change. But if it is the right time then here, we’ve gathered some important tips and things to consider when selecting the lot where you will build your future home.

Visit the Neighborhood at Different Times

During a traditional home buying experience with a realtor, there may be some realtors who only show you a home at certain times of day. In some cases, this is because the realtor does not want you to see the neighborhood during other times of day or night. This is something to remember even when you’re building your own home.

If you find a lot that you like, be sure to visit the area and the neighborhood at different times of day and night. How is the neighborhood during these different times? Noisy? Is there a distinct smell from a nearby factory? Does the wind pick up at night or in the morning? Perhaps there’s an increase in mosquitoes and gnats in the evening. These are just some of the potential nuisances that could leave you unhappy with your lot selection if you did not carefully inspect the neighborhood beforehand.

Know What’s Nearby

During your visits to the neighborhood, be sure to investigate what is located nearby: freeway access, grocery stores, schools, parks, gas stations, factories and plants, etc. Is the traffic bad near the neighborhood? These are the streets you will be driving for years to come, so it’s best to make sure you can easily get in and out of the neighborhood whether you’re heading to work or running to the grocery store. Be sure to consider future growth of the area. Is it growing too fast for your liking? Not fast enough?

What’s the Commute Like?

Don’t just visit the area at different times of day. Drive the streets at different times as well. Try driving to work in the morning from the neighborhood and commuting back when you’re off work. This will give you a great idea as to how tolerable the commute will be for you. In town traffic can be crucial to your decision.

Is There Undeveloped Land Nearby?

Again, consider future growth for the area. You may find that your lot has a wonderful view right now, but that could change with the city’s plans for development if it’s a new area. Do your research and discover what the city plans to do with your area and neighborhood if there is a lot of room for growth.

Are There Homes for Sale?

On the surface, a neighborhood can appear to be everything you hoped for; however, one red flag to look for is many homes up for sale. This is clearly a sign that the neighborhood is not doing well with homes in the area depreciating in value. Even if you don’t see many homes for sale, still take the time to talk to some of your prospective neighbors. How do they like the area? The amenities? You can learn a lot by simply reaching out and talking to those who live there. You will also learn a lot from real estate firms like, who will be able to give you some additional information on the area before purchasing/ viewing a property.

Amenities and Utility Access

Does the area receive municipally supplied water? How about gas line and sewage access? Does the area provide sufficient cellular service and can you access TV/Cable/Internet easy enough? These are key factors for many, ones that can be easily forgotten, particularly if you’re already sold on the area.

These are just some of the general factors that you will want to consider when scouting for the right lot for your new custom home. When working with McCoy Homes, we will work with you to find that right lot for you and your family’s needs. We build homes all over Chattanooga, TN, so let us help you in your lot selection.

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