Build A Custom Home This New Year

It’s a new year and time for a new start. If you’ve been looking to branch out from the old squeaky floors, the carpet pulling up from the corners of the room, and the unusual musty smell, it may be time to check out a custom home builder, residential contractor, or general contractor in Chattanooga, TN to get started designing and building your new home!

Where to Begin?

Choose a location:

While this seems like a given, it is actually a step that requires a lot of serious research. It is important to know where the schools are in relation to your potential home, how far away emergency services are, how much rain, snow, hail, etc. the area gets, and so much more! It could therefore be worth checking out something like River Islands Homefinder to help with the search. We suggest looking into the following before deciding on your new home’s location:

  • School location and academic profile
  • Emergency services location
  • Neighborhood/area background (is it safe?)
  • Distance to the nearest grocery store
  • Weather patterns and road maintenance in accordance

Find the specific piece of land:

Once you find the location it is time to find the specific piece of land, property, or lot you want to build on. Many satisfied homeowners will tell you that the land plays a huge role in the layout, look, and feasibility of the home design.


Financing for a new custom home can be tricky. You will need not only a mortgage for the completed home, but you may need to obtain a construction loan, and a loan for the property purchase. It may be helpful to work with a home construction company that understands the financing process in order to get everything together properly.

Details Details

Time to create an agenda with your general contractor to discuss well…everything! You’ll have the opportunity to talk location, land/lot, the desired style of the home as well as layout, material preferences, budget, financing, etc… This process will be long but you’ll be able to see great resource and benefits from your hard work, even if it will take time to make some of these large decisions. Make multiple appointments with your general contractor to ensure you can go over everything you want for your new custom home.

Beginning the Design Process

There are several options for floorplan design; you can hire an architect to work with you on floorplans, and the two of you can mold the land with your creativity as you discover what is available to you and your family in this new place. For instance, you could look at having your dream luxury property designed by someone such as NC Architecture as an example, meaning you and your contractors can come to an agreement on how you’re wanting your new property designed and built.

Or, you can find a company online that sells readymade floor plans. You can then take a basic floor plan design you already know you love to your custom home builder and work out the details and its customization according to the land you have.

At McCoy Homes, we prefer to meet with you prior to the design or purchase of floor plans as we can help to determine if the home you desire can be placed on the land/lot on which you want to build. This can save you money! We also have floor plans in house that you are welcome to review, and we’ll help you choose a home that will sit correctly on your land/lot. We also work directly with an architect that can draw the plans and/or change plans you may already have.

Commence Building

After the details are complete and any permits necessary have been obtained (this may be your job, or it may be completed by the contracting company), it is time to build your new custom home. This part is very exciting as you can start to see what your new home is going to look like. It may also get very busy as you will be packing up all your belongings and furniture to move into your new dream home. You will be consistently working with your general contractor to ensure deadlines are being met and all processes are running smoothly. At this stage, it would be wise to start exploring homeowners insurance options.

Interior Design

Last item on the custom home building list is interior design. A brand new custom home deserves nothing more than the best interior selections. In our premier design center at McCoy Homes, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our team of designers, and to make selections. Our design team will ensure that choosing your custom home’s interior design is a fun and exciting process; one that begins at the time of construction.

If a new custom home is a project you are planning to take on this new year, then be sure to check out McCoy Homes to find a custom home builder in Chattanooga, TN or a general contractor in Chattanooga, TN. We are ready to make the process an easy and enjoyable time for you! Get ready to step into the home of your dreams with us as your team.


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