Battling the MANCAVE?

Other names for Mancave: Manspace, Manland and, our favorite, The Mantuary.

Generally speaking, a Mancave is any basement, attic room, closet – or forgotten hole – in a home which has been set aside exclusively for dude stuff. Some people even use garden sheds to create a little den to escape to. Often covered in memorabilia (sports, automotive, cinematic, etc…), full of comfy cast-offs from yesteryear (puffy leather sofas and barcaloungers are prized faves), and off-limits to the more thoughtful and considered design decisions of the fairer sex. There are so many different man cave ideas and layouts to suit varying spaces, all of which create the ultimate lounging area for any guy.

To the man who occupies it, the Mancave is a retreat. It’s a place where he can let loose: where he can raise the volume – unchecked, where he may let snack wrappers and soda (or beer) cans linger, where there’s no shortage of wall space for moose heads and neon signs. The man cave offers freedom and comfort; it is a place where the dude can abide… and reign supreme. If you have your mancave ready, but it’s looking a little bare, you might want to look around at different furnishing vendors like Wayside Furniture House and see if you can make your mancave speak to you, and only you..

To the men who occupy them, the caves are glorious. To the women who must work around them, they are often noisy, stinky eye-sores. They are often spaces to be ignored and/or avoided.

In this article, the McCoy Homes Design Team will try to suggest some dude friendly finishes, furniture and decor. We hope that our suggestions will make him and his buddies happy – but won’t make you and your girlfriends – or your mother in law – cringe!


Color and texture will play a big role in creating an interior space that is both comfortable (read: forgiving) and aesthetically pleasing. We like the medium to dark hardwood floor selection in this particular finish board because it is warm and comfortable, yet elegant. American Walnut also has a dynamic graining that will graciously hide wear.

As we – the Interior Design team at McCoy Homes – love bold, dramatic color, we’re not opposed to the idea of bathing the walls of your Mancave in a dark, moody neutral brown like Benjamin Moore’s Willow. However, if your space calls for a lighter neutral throughout, try Sherwin William’s Natural Choice. This paint color is an excellent foundation on which one can easily layer deep, earthy neutrals.

Leathered Taj Mahal Quartzite is – truly – a finish for the ages. Hard as a rock (pardon our pun), quartzite is an incredibly durable countertop surface. Leathering it will flatten its shine and add a comfortable, textural character to its surface.

In a room full of dark(ish) colors, a little reflective shine will help bounce light through the space. This is why we like the idea of carefully incorporating some brass backsplash tiles. Wood and bronze hardware layers lovely (albeit manly) visual texture over a simple modified shaker door in dark blue.

If your husband is anything like 99% of our male clients, he will thumb his nose at the idea of adding a “feature wall” to his Mancave. However, if he were to learn of Pampa’s natural hide wall coverings, he may reverse course and come to the conclusion that – in fact, he doesn’t totally hate the idea of a feature wall – all on his own! Perhaps you should drop a brochure into his Men’s Journal?

Paint: Benjamin Moore Iron Ore + Sherwin Williams Natural Choice | Flooring: American Walnut T+G Hardwood Flooring | Counter Tops: Leathered Taj Mahal Quartzite | Cabinets: Modified Shaker Doors (BM: Hale Navy) | Hardware: Forge Studio Vara Pulls in Champagne Bronze and Wood | Backsplash Tile: Brass hexagonal backsplash tiles | Feature Wall: Pampa Leather


Picking finishes and furniture for men is usually pretty easy. There is but one rule: comfort above all else! Successfully picking finishes and furniture for a space that will host a variety of functions and see lots of rough activity, however, will require one to add a few more rules.

Upholstery fabrics and surface finishes need to be durable and cleanable, it may not seem like it, but leather can actually be an easy material to clean. Fair warning though, you should never use oil on leather to get it clean! Colors, patterns and textures should be selected for their ability to hide wear. Decor items should be few but durable. Oh! Also.. plants should be fake, because – let’s face it – dudes don’t water.

The Interior Design team at McCoy Homes has provided a list of fun furnishings for your consideration. See below! Once you’ve checked it out, PLEASE let us know what you think about our suggestions!

And, as always, if you’re ready to make a McCoy Home your home, call us today! We’d be honored to work with you!

Aire’s Petrified Wood Side Table

Larkin 3 Seater Sofa

The Jacob Coffee Table from Arteriors

The Forge Woven Hide Rug in Ivory

Leather Wing Back Chair

The Winona Block Wood Side Table

Neon Tiger Artwork

The Bradburn Lamp in Emerald

Lorene Side Table

Saddleman’s Leather Pillows

Dallas Chandelier from Arteriors

Well… that concludes our list! Are you planning to revamp the Mancave in your house? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of our suggestions.

Don’t forget: if you’re ready to make a McCoy Home your home, reach out today! We’d be truly honored to make your dream home a reality!

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