Looking for a Reliable Contractor?

Look no further!

If you need a reliable general contractor in Chattanooga, it’s important to look for examples of past work, glowing client testimonials, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Too many residential designers cut corners and rely on “sticking with what works” (or.. er, uh… what makes them money!) rather than going the extra mile to make their clients happy.

McCoy Homes is committed to building in more value than most other general contractors can offer. We don’t believe in big box, contractor-grade building materials, so you’ll get more with McCoy.

Livable Luxury

It’s an unfortunate reality that many “luxury homes” are built with substandard materials and poorly optimized fixtures and details. This results in something that might look pretty but performs miserably after some time. McCoy Homes doesn’t believe that luxury only extends to surface appearances. Our teams will help you create spaces that are equally functional and fashionable.

We’ll help you choose building materials that will provide top-notch climate control. Your home’s insulation is responsible for keeping you warm in the chilly winter months and cool during the harsh summers, so it needs to be properly installed. The structural soundness of your home will also lend itself to energy efficiency and climate control. It’s important to hire the best residential designer in Chattanooga – one who knows how to plan for our region’s weather concerns.

Luxury Home Builder Chattanooga Tennessee

Smart Tech and Appliances

Our team also will help you find the best choices for appliances, fixtures, and smart tech for your home. Whether you want the most robust home security system possible, with real-time remote monitoring and security controls, or a multimedia haven where you can set the mood for a movie with the press of a button, our team has you covered. The appliances we help you select are going to be as environmentally conscious and energy efficient as they are aesthetically pleasing. We’ll make sure your home doesn’t hemorrhage money over time through inefficient utility use.

Every finishing touch of your project lends itself to the overall value of your home, so you want to be wise in your investment. Don’t go with a typical contractor who is going to rely on the “industry standard” for your next project. Instead, choose McCoy Homes, the best residential designer in Chattanooga. Our team is dedicated to providing value with every step of the process, from design to completion. When you work with McCoy, rest assured that your finished results will offer far more value than you might expect.

If you’d like to make a McCoy Home your home, call us today. We’d be honored to work with you.

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